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Bring It On!

There's nothing we in Vincennes love more than a parade.  There's the Parade of Clowns, the Hoosier Cruiser's Cruise In, the 4th of July Parade, The Jesus Day March, the LHS Homecoming Parade, and Parade of Lights.  Even the Stations of the Cross is a parade.  When our teams win big games or our Marching Band does great, we break out the firetrucks and the honking horns and have an unscheduled parade.  Most of our kids have been IN a parade before they even start school.

We all have our favorite parade viewing spot, sometimes held by our families for decades.  We know all the routes, where the shade is, and how to get into the area and where to park.  We know what we like about each parade and when another parade possibility presents itself, we go for it.

The Board of Works has approved the Day at the Strip parade being moved from Lawrenceville to Vincennes this fall.  For some reason the City of Lawrenceville doesn't want the parade of racing cars.  But Vincennes?  Bring it on.  The Board of Works is the Mayor's committee and the mayor may want to get reelected so they knew exactly what to do.  Shoehorn the parade in on the same day as the celebration of VU moving to its current campus from downtown and the religious Festival of Booths.  I'm not sure, but neither of those celebrations must have a parade or if they do those possible parades will be earlier.  Who knows, we might have more than one parade on the same day. 

I say bring them on!

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08/13/2013 6:23AM
Bring It On!
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