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Boys will be Boys...

The citing of a number of high school students this weekend for under age drinking is no big news.  The citing of a number of high school sports participants for under age drinking is no big news.  Happens about every year at some school.  Boys will be boys.  (And girls will be girls).

It IS disappointing though.  Even in high school, athletes become - whether they want it or not - role models.  One of the big draws of the local elementary basketball "schools" on Saturday morning is to get on the floor and maybe even work with high school athletes.  Running around the top of the gym stops when team is introduced and after the game the youngsters get out of the floor - just like the high schoolers.

We may want our team to win and are sorry for the other players and coaches that were let down, but the police and school officials are on the right track.  For every action there is reaction.  Every action has a price.

Lincoln now probably won't win the Boys Basketball Sectional, unless a bunch of unknowns pull it out.  Those players should be the real heros for the youngsters running around the top of the gym.

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02/18/2013 6:24AM
Boys will be Boys...
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