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Boxing Day

In the UK, Canada, and many Commonwealth Nations, Boxing Day is traditionally the day following Christmas when servants and workers received gifts from their basses.  Some folks think Boxing Day is the day to put Christmas decorations away, but at our house we generally don't put decorations away at all so that couldn't have been the reason for Boxing Day.

Around here we should probably call the day after Christmas "Basketball" Day.  How many high school basketball tourneys are going this week?  A bunch.  Almost every county seems to have one and most schools participate.  In Vincennes we don't have one high school basketball tourney - nope - we have TWO.  The Rivet Girls Tourney and the Lincoln Boys Tourney.

Get your decorations in their boxes and if you have servants get them their gifts early today so you can figure out which basketball games you want to see around here beginning today.  Even if you don't particularly like the games, it will be a great time to visit with your friends and neighbors.

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12/26/2013 6:18AM
Boxing Day
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