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Black Monday

Officially Black Friday was last week and yesterday was Cyber Monday, but at the Vincennes Post Office it was Black Monday and it had nothing to do with Black Friday or Cyber Monday eventhough it sounds like it with the "mash" of days.  Nationally it was one of the bussiest days of the year at the post office and in Vincennes you couldn't buy a roll of stamps.  You could buy pages of stamps, you could buy stamps with fun pictures on them, but rolls of stamps - a $46 sale for one roll?  Nope.  They had them in the building, but they couldn't sell them.  Now many people don't need rolls of stamps so they were still in business I guess.  But the fact that they couldn't sell rolls that were in the building is a good example why Amazon or some other company will end up owning the Postal Service.  Why no rolls?  The person with the key to the safe where stamps to be sold are kept was on vacation and no one else is authorized to get the stamps out of the safe.  Well actually they say they don't even have the key.  (I guess the key needed a vacation too...)

What if the guy with the key doesn't come back?  Will they ever be able to sell rolls of stamps again?  It's not the rolls, it's the system that cannot survive.  I love to get mail.  I love to feel a card.  I love to read the hand written word.  But because of stupid out of date rules that don't make sense I will eventually lose those simple loves.

It was Black Monday, the beginning of the final end of the greatest idea Ben Franklin ever had - or at least I think Ben Franklin thought of the Postal Service began in Vincennes.

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12/03/2013 6:23AM
Black Monday
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