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Baseball Can't Hear Me Now

One of the big stinks that's really been played up after Game 5 of the World Series is the miscommunication between Tony LaRussa and the bullpen. I can't say if there really were problems with the phone system, but it has made pretty good fodder for the talking heads.

What surprises me is how stuck baseball is on old technology. Sure, we all use phones every day, but you would think that baseball would want to make sure their system is a little better than hand cranking a phone and asking Phyllis at the switchboard to connect you with Klondike-5 in order to reach the bullpen. Right now, you cannot use something like a walkie talkie, because apparently they're scared of people stealing signs and the know because what's happening in the bullpen is a national secret on the level of nuclear launch codes and Area 51.

Look at the NFL. Coaches have headsets and players have receivers in their helmets so the coaches can talk directly to the players up to a certain point before a play starts. This is something that's standardized throughout the league. It isn't like when someone plays the Bears, the Bears have good equipment while the other team is stuck with tin cans and strings. If one team has a breakdown with that equipment, it is shut off for both teams until it is fixed.

How about entering the modern era baseball? I know baseball loves to live in tradition and have quirkiness in the different ballparks with different dimensions and different "leagues" having different rules, but there should be some standards for technology. Let's be innovative and use a good communication system like the NFL or better yet, come up with something even better like a computer system or a smart phone or tablet so clear communication is the norm.

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10/26/2011 8:08AM
Baseball Can't Hear Me Now
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