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At Least Have the Stampskeeping stamps on

I cannot even figure out how the US Postal Service can GET a letter from my house in Vincennes to someone's house in San Diego in a day or two - much less do it for just 46 cents, but that's the business they are in and they somehow have it all figured out.  There are some other basic things they cannot seem to figure out.  That would be inventory control for one.  The US Postal Service has had to take on additional projects to help pay for that 46 cent letter miracle, like helping us fill out the page after page of a Passport Application and selling Disney themed items, but shouldn't they work really hard to have the old fashioned Flag STAMPS in stock?

For nearly the last week, the Vincennes Post Office has not had rolls of 46 cent stamps.  Isn't that the centerpiece of what they do there?  Or do they want me to not use those old fashion stamps?  Those rolled stamps - now with a number of Flag depictions are what I love to use.  This is The United States of American and we should display our flag - stamps included.

The ladies and genetlemen at the Vincennes Post Office are helpful, but over worked.  But they've got to get rolls of stamps even if it IS more work to plan ahead.

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06/05/2013 6:24AM
At Least Have the Stampskeeping stamps on
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