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Another Positive Report

Got a chance to watch the Vincennes Water Department at work this past Saturday.  There was some sort of water issue in my neighborhood and a crew was sent out to take care of the situation.  Four workers, four trucks, two trailers, a great big thing that runs the thingy that cuts through anything while making a ton of noise, and a back hoe.  The workers did their job smoothly and quickly and moved on with their day.  What was again evident was the pride they seem to take in their work and the pride the department seems to have with its equipment.  The four, in uniforms that easily identified them as Water Utilities workers, wearing the required safety gear were as put together as their trucks which were obviously well maintained and even while white were clean.  Even the backhoe and compressor trailer looked like their workers cared about them.  And the last thing they did before they left?  Swept the street - by hand.  Nice work guys.  It is almost a habit to complain about government services, but most of the time our local services are pretty well done.

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12/30/2013 6:24AM
Another Positive Report
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