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Animal Control Fight Continues

The Crawford County Board and the municipalities are still trying to figure out how to solve the animal control issue. Representatives from both sides sat down to try to come up with solutions last night, but any solution might have to wait until at least April.

The County Board is going to talk about a proposal during their March 8th meeting that would have the county pick up the cost of sheltering animals no matter where they come from. County Board representative Don Richart says they would likely have to adjust the price they pay currently, but no actual dollar amount has been mentioned publicly. Richart says that there will not be any voting done in March on the issue, meaning it would be April at the earliest to hammer out a new deal assuming there would be no special meetings.

One of the things that jumped out to the municipalities is an ordinance (2006-0-05) that is the county's animal control ordinance. It specifically defines the county as only unincorporated areas. The municipalities are concerned that they pay taxes to the county, but their citizens are treated differently than those that do not live within the towns.

This may not have been as contentious of an issue had the county approached this more diplomatically at the beginning. The county didn't initially talk with any of the municipalities about their intentions. Instead, they relied on the media to informally inform them about what's going on. Eventually they did send a letter shortly before approving a new bid. It may not have solved all of the issues, but an early olive branch might have given the two sides a better chance to work out the issues before the contract went out for bids and would have given both sides a better chance to look at their budgets and adjust accordingly.

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02/24/2012 7:27AM
Animal Control Fight Continues
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