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An ambivalent look at the Indianapolis Colts

     First, allow me to give you my background.  I am a native of Eastern Indiana-- Connersville, to be exact.  I grew up just over an hour's drive from both Indianapolis and Cincinnati.  When I was five years old, in 1972, I discovered the Cincinnati Reds-- the "Big Red Machine" in its newer days.  Three years later, I discovered the Cincinnati Bengals-- not quite as great as the "Machine,:" but not a bad team in their own right.  I followed the Bengals through thick (1982 Super Bowl), and thin (1977-1981 years). 
      Then, in 1984, in dramatic circumstances (moving from Baltimore in the middle of the night), a new football team invaded my world.  The team would become known as the Indianapolis Colts.  All of a sudden, the (Hoosier/RCA Dome--Lucas Oil Stadium/Peyton Manning Memorial) became the focus of Indiana's football experience.  And rightfully so... except for me.
       My brothers became Colts fans.  Many of you also hopped on the "Blue Express."  Except for me.  I have kept my childhood loyalty to the Orange and Black-- and very happily.  I grew up with the Bengals-- I saw them through good times (2 Super Bowl appearances), bad times (the late 1970's), and ugly times (the "Bungles" teams of  the ENTIRE 1990's into the early 2000's).  
        I said all that to say this.   I like this edition of the Colts.  I was a fence-sitter on Andrew Luck-- but I see in him a lot of John Elway.  Like Elway, Luck is a Stanford grad.  Like Elway, Luck is the king of the comeback (see last Sunday night against the Texans for an example).  And like Elway, Luck, I think, is eventually going to win a Super Bowl-- but I think, like Elway, it will take some time before it comes about.
         Yes, I am a Cincinnati Bengal fan-- and always will be.  But, I must admit there is a lot to like in a little Luck-- and come on now... who is better to play quarterback for the Horseshoes than a man named Luck?  
          See you December 8th at Paul Brown Stadium, when my beloved Bengals play the Colts-- maybe for the first of 2 games. Those will be the only times when I hope the Colts' luck (and Luck) run out...

                                                           That's my take... I'm Tom Lee.


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11/04/2013 7:22AM
An ambivalent look at the Indianapolis Colts
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