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An E-Mail About the Watermelon Drop

Got this Email from the Watermelon Drop folks and thought it was too funny not to share...

"...The Gallagher event that was so exciting for Vincennes In.  had to be my biggest humiliation!  
In preparation for the ‘look a like’ contest, I did 4 months of video study, ordered a custom fit bald cap with a 9 7/8” mullet, a Gallagher cap and even trimmed my facial hair in exact order to fit the mold of Gallagher. The white and black shirt and skintight spandex/denim pants even cost over $150!
I had been religiously practicing beating the sense out of fresh melons (at a large expense)  with a rather expensive large hammer and had, in all seriousness, gotten quite proficient at aim and distance.
It was rather humiliating to arrive at the watermelon festival and on my first lap to be robbed of the gratification that my effort deserved!  Several members of Gallagher’s security squad approached me and told me that “Mr. Gallagher will not be reminded of his former glory in such an accurate way.”  They told me that  “Leo is not going to be outdone by some simple minded hammer wielding local rube that has more time than sense”.  
I doubt that Gallagher or the city of Vincennes has any idea of this outrage.  But my time and efforts (that seem to have been in vain) are completely wasted and I am humiliated!
Thank you for Listening,
Luke Bickers..."

Editor's Note:  Luke:  If you ever want to do some more blogs for send me a note and we'll get you started.  Our Security Team would LOVE to have you on board....

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01/02/2014 2:29PM
An E-Mail About the Watermelon Drop
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03/28/2014 7:48PM
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