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Adams Recalled 2012

If you are "not from these parts" the basketball game this week between Vincennes Lincoln and South Knox at Adams Coliseum might have been a bit out of place.  A game between two local schools that would bring a large crowd together in probably the oldest gym in the county.  But if you went to the game, figured out where to park, got across the crowded dark streets to the building, found the correct doors to go in, and wound your way in front of half the crowd already in the place to find a seat you started getting it.  Many of the ones "from these parts" were there very early so they could get "their" seats and they might have even asked politely if you might swap where you were sitting if they had to come late.  Sure there was a basketball game or two.  Sure there were multiple fund raisers, and even Bobe B Q found its way to the really tiny concession stand.  Sure the dance team and pep band was the same and the student bodies came from their respective schools, but that's where the comparison to a regular game ended.

As Lincoln's coach said on WZDM this was a "play in game".  It had little to do with the season for each school.  It had nothing to do with the coming state basketball tourney.  It was a game held in a building that many of the fans played in as students.  There is nothing quite as sweet as good memories and for many crammed in those little seats it was a site where good memories are stored to be pulled out once a year.  The fund raisers made more money.  The pep band was more in tune and dance team was a bit sharper.  The Bobe B Q was a bit smokier.  And the crowd had a better time than usual and around "these parts" we still love our basketball - no matter which gym it is in.

The Alumni Tourney sponsored by the Knox County Community Foundation this spring will also be there so we won't have to wait until next year to have those good ghosts come out of the rafters at Adams.

Nice job.

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01/26/2012 4:54AM
Adams Recalled 2012
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