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A good man reached the end of the road

     Who whould have known that "Tebow Time" would only be 15 minutes long?  Andy Warhol famously said everyone can be famous for 15 minutes.  Tim Tebow's time started with an unbelievable run for the Denver Broncos in 2011.  The Broncos worked an offense around their unorthodox-- but VERY successful-- quarterback that year.  Tebow was set to start the next year as the incumbent starter, but then came a certain quarterback named Manning, and as you would expect, Tebow got cut adrift.  Then, last year's New York Jets' debacle happened, and then the unsuccessful trial with the New England Patriots.
       What's next for the uber-limited, but uber-popular quarterback?  Coaching isn't out of the question-- Tebow is a born leader, and knows how to motivate people-- obviously... The one problem is his lack of a grasp of tactics; that may become an issue.  Which leads to Plan B-- television.  College football studio shows would fall over themselves to get Tebow on their shows-- IF he can be opinionated enough.  This is where another outspoken Christian success story-- Tony Dungy-- can help. Dungy showed you can be respectful, Christian-- and opinionated.  If Tebow can brush up on Dungy's Football Night in America success, he could be the next great college football commentator... following in the path of former Ohio State quarterback Kirk Herbstreit. Herbstreit is a OSU alum, currently coached by... Tebow's old college coach at Florida, Urban Meyer.  Funny how things come around....

                                                     That's my take...I'm Tom Lee.   

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09/04/2013 11:26AM
A good man reached the end of the road
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