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Ravings of a Mass Media Madman

Ravings of a Mass Media Madman

A 45-Year-Old Pledge That Still Rings True

The opinions expressed in this blog entry do not necessarily reflect the views of The Original Company Ownership, Management or Staff.

Ladies and gentlemen, my comments will be brief today. This is a special edition of Ravings. It's the 45-year anniversary of Red Skelton's rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Most know that Red was a native of Vincennes and he went on to be an American icon; that much is on display at the Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy here in town.

Many also Know he was an American Patriot in every sense of the word. He loved his country and the freedoms we enjoy which others have fought and died for on battle fields overseas.

This morning, I'm inspired by Red's words. Here's to the hope our pledge and the freedom it represents never become monotonous. Here's to the hope the meaning is never forgotton.

Without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Red Skelton...


Jason Tiller is a news reporter for The Original Company. He sends his sincere appreciation to all of our men and women overseas fighting for his freedom to write a blog such as this. Come home safe, heroes.

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01/14/2014 12:26PM
A 45-Year-Old Pledge That Still Rings True
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01/14/2014 7:43PM
Doug Carroll
Jason thanks for posting this link. Red Skelton is my hero for several reasons and it's always wonderful to know that others see the goodness in this Vincennes Renaissance man. Thanks again, good night and may God bless!
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