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25 Great Years

25 years ago today WZDM came on the air for the first time.  At least that's what Dave Young says.  I've never been much for anniversaries.  You can ask my wife.  I do remember when WZDM first signed on - just not the exact date.  The new transmitter was connected up and the engineer (who still works with us) asked what we should do next and I said "Turn it one and leave it on."  Dave Young was there in the morning and has been there for us ever since.  the only other employee then was Michelle York (Michelle Etzel then) and she still works for the company.  Wisdom's first community remote broadcast was that first afternoon with live coverage of the LHS Homecoming Parade and WZDM's first sports play by play broadcast was the LHS game that evening.  We have continued to make local community broadcasts our priority.  The other local broadcasters at that time told their clients we wouldn't last six months.  We did last and within a few years bought those stations that are now the core stations of The Original Company.  15 stations and 20 transmitters, 15 web sites, and an events department and direct mail advertising company.  But they are all designed to be "like Wisdom" - local community radio designed to bring entertainment and information to local communities.

Thanks to our sponsor partners.  Thanks to our loyal listeners.  Thanks to newsmakers and coaches.  Thanks to all the employees - including two of our children who work with us - who have made it happen.  And thanks to WZDM and Original Company's 50% owner Saundra Lange who has done a ton to make the last 25 years a success - even fun.  There aren't enough words to list all she has done for the company and me.  How many people can say that going to work every day is a joy?  I can.

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09/23/2013 6:26AM
25 Great Years
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