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234 Years and Counting

They'll celebrate the capture of Fort Sackville today at the Clark Memeorial.  234 years and counting.  I bet those rag tag soldiers would never have thought someone would still be celebrating the taking of the small fort, but we do.

It was just part of their job.  It was just another day in a string of long hard days.  It wasn't anything special.  There were no bonuses on the next pay check.  There were no vacation days after the finish of the march.
I wonder if anyone will celebrate what we've done 234 years later.  Might be something we should aspire to.  But how will we know?  Those soldiers certainly didn't wake up on the morning of February 25th and think generations after generations after generations would be celebrating what they did that day.

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02/25/2013 6:21AM
234 Years and Counting
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