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Governor Appoints New Education Board Members

Governor Pence has replaced four members of the State Board of Education.

Six of the 11 board seats were up for reappointment.

Pence kept two Mitch Daniels appointees but replaced four others with his own.

One of the board‘s first tasks will be to reassess whether Indiana should withdraw from the Common Core curriculum standards.

Pence says he didn‘t look for members on one side of that issue or the other.

He says there‘s a "heavy bias" toward ensuring Indiana sets its own standards, but says it‘ll be up to the board to review the issue.

The governor says he sought Hoosiers with classroom credentials at both the K-12 and higher education level with a commitment to his education agenda.

One new board member is already on record questioning Common Core.

Teacher Andrea Neal is a former Indianapolis Star editorial page editor who wrote a column in January calling Common Core a step backward from Indiana‘s current standards.

Along with Neal, new board members are Indiana Wesleyan associate dean Brad Oliver, I-U South Bend education professor David Freitas, and Henryville High School principal Troy Albert.

Pence reappointed Avon teacher Sarah O‘Brien and Marian University president Daniel Elsener.

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