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200+ PROJECT - Washington, Indiana Bicentennial 2016

On November 15, 1815, the village of Liverpool was officially platted between what is today, Main Street and Walnut Street, around the same time,   the “original”, smaller, village of Washington, was formed less than a mile to the east, between VanTrees and Flora Streets.  In 1816, the two villages merged to form a town that became Washington, Indiana.  The first lot sold in the newly merged town was sold on November 13, 1816, at date that has traditionally marked the creation the current City of Washington.   From that beginning, the City of Washington, became a focus for transportation, agriculture, industry, and mining. 

With Washington’s Bicentennial year approaching, Mayor Joe Wellman called together a group of volunteers, and gave them the task to organize a “Celebration of the past” while remembering, that Washington is also looking toward and “Building for the future”.   

The 200+ Project will celebrate Washington’s first 200 years, but also focus on the promise of a bright future.    

The Bicentennial Year will officially begin with a Bicentennial Gala, on November 14, 2014, celebrating the official platting of the village of Liverpool.  Committees are planning projects and events throughout the year.  The Time Capsule, which was placed under the sidewalk in front of the German American Bank building in downtown Washington, will be opened as part of “A Washington Homecoming” which will enhance Washington’s already popular Independence Day Festival.  The celebration will continue through November 12, 2016, when a Birthday Party for the City of Washington with festivities and fireworks will be held at East Side Park.  

Steering Committee Co-Chairman, Terri Kelso, said, "We want every civic and community organization to take part." Kelso continued, "We hope every civic and community organization will plan Bicentennial activities in 2016".   Several organizations and individuals have already signed on board.  But to make the Bicentennial Year memorable, exciting, and fun for everyone, the 200+ Project needs everyone’s help.     

Co-Chairman, Don Spillman said, "The 200+ Project is a volunteer program.   We will need your help to put on the events, and we also need your donations to help pay the expenses".  

To learn about the Bicentennial, the schedule of events, see where you can help out, and how you can donate your expertise, time, and/or money, visit the Bicentennial’s 200+ Project website at  or on Facebook at  

Also, check for the 200plusproject on Twitter and Instagram.     Mayor Wellman’s message can also be seen on YouTube.

If you have questions, suggestions, or want to help, the 200+ Project’s e-mail address is
For more information, contact
Washington’s Bicentennial 200+ Project Steering Committee Co-Chairmen,
Don Spillman and Terri Kelso, by e-mail at  or contact Don Spillman 812-444-9046