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"Tebow Time" management

"What time is it?"  "Tebow Time!!"

     Yes, ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself again for another chance-- maybe the last one-- to see Tim Tebow bring his undersize quarterback talent and oversize leadership skills to the NFL.  The New England Patriots threw Tebow a lifeline yesterday, with a chance to become their third string signal caller. 
      Leave it to Bill Belichick to think he can manage Tebow Time.  Actually, the credit here goes to the man who originally draftted Tebow-- Josn McDaniels, former Denver Bronco coach and offensive coordinator under Belichick.  You remember McDaniels-- the man who drafted Tebow in the first round-- against all odds...and started Tebow-- against all odds...and for whom Tebow won games and got Denver to the playoffs-- say it with me class...against ...all... odds.  (I feel like Phil Collins now...) 
       So can Belichick do what Rex Ryan couldn't-- manage Tebow Time?  It all depends on three things-- Josh McDaniels' innate ability to use Tebow, Belichick's Germanic ability to marshal Tebow's talent (whatever THAT may be), and Tebow's ability to swallow his pride.  He did it once for McDaniels-- including a shift at wide receiver against my Cincinnati Bengals a couple years back.
        Remember Mike Vrabel?  The linebacker whom Belichick turned into a pass-catching tight end in short yardage situations?  Hmmm... Could Tebow become a short-yardage TD specialist as a running back?  He would be a triple threat from that spot-- running, receiving, and catching.  
         There is a prototype for that-- a former Indiana University QB of some note named Antwan Randle El.  Passed for 2,000 yards and ran for 1,000 more at IU-- and became a great specialist wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Can the same thing happen for Tebow?  
          We have seen the early 20's show up in Tebow's attitude.  Many want to make him into a saint-- but like all of us, this saint has some flaws...not the largest of which is a healthy ego.  By the way, that is typical of a lot of 25 year-olds.  But if Tebow can swallow a bit of his pride, and use his versatility to his advantage, he can become what many think he could be-- a unique NFL-caliber talent.  Whether or not that is as a quarterback has yet to be seen.  Only Belichick knows-- and like usual, he's not telling.

                                                    That's my take-- I'm Tom Lee .

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06/11/2013 8:05AM
"Tebow Time" management
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