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It IS a Big Deal

Three of the four Knox County High Schools hold graduation ceremonies tonight (5/24) and the other has its activities tomorrow.  The only memories I have of Valparaiso High School's graduation 44 years ago was the eagle-eyed stare of Virgil Sweet when he figured out that I had not worn the proper attire under my green gown.  In 1969 there weren't cell phones to quiet, so much was focused on the proper attire to be worn under your gown.  The coach didn't appreciate that I had shorts and a tee shirt under the gown. "But coach, I have black shoes and socks and the cuffs aren't too long..."  (They were cut off another pair of pants and taped to my calfs.)

Mr. Sweet let me go through graduation, but I have to sit in the front row where he could keep his eye on me.  I must have done OK since I still get fund-raising appeals from good old VHS.

Flash foward to tonight.  Is it tougher to get through high school than it was in the middle of the last century?  I'm putting my money on "Yes".  Think of all the distractions.  Think of how even our "normal" families have evolved.  Think about the perceived age and actual experience of today's graduates versus the children of half a century ago who walked the stage and went out into the world wide eyed and and and.....well many of us know exactly how we felt.

Tonight, they will stroll across the stage, wave to their families, tweet their feelings to their followers around the world, jump into their own cars for celebrations with their friends, and go out and do who knows what.

But I bet nobody at graduation this weekend will have fake cuffs taped to their legs. 

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05/24/2013 6:24AM
It IS a Big Deal
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