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This is the Big One

We've got a lot of celebrations and festivals in our town - everything from The Relay for Life to the Carie/Carey/Carrie/etc. Reunion, but the really Big One is this weekend.  For the 37th time many of us will celebrate the Colonial history of our town with the Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous.

What started out as a single row of booths and a few reenactors near the Harrison Mansion has become a huge festival with thousands of participants and thousands and thousands of visitors.  A lot of people learn a lot about the early days of Vincennes and a lot of money changes hands.  the organization makes donations to many local groups and local not for profits get to raise money selling food at the event.  All are positive for our community.

My one concern is every year discovering local people who have never been to the Rendezvous.  I know it may not be everyone's cup of grog, but try it at least once please. 

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05/23/2013 6:16AM
This is the Big One
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