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The Most Important Person in Town

There was no Blog for May 1st.  Why?  The Icon on my desktop that was supposed to hold all the secret passwords to the entry area of this Blog didn't work and I was asked for my "Name" and "Password".  I know my name, but that's NOT the name the computer required.  But I figured that out.  It's my ELECTRONIC name.

Then came the whole password question.  How many passwords you have?  Do you know all of them by heart?  Oh.  Well I don't.  You have a notebook with them all written down?  Wow.  Wish I would have thought of THAT.  Actually I write them now on my business cards and then immediately lose them - and there must be a thousand of them lost somewhere.

But that's not the subject of this blog.  Someone - a generation younger than me figured out my electronic name and password and I am now in and working.

Do you know who the most important person in town?  It's not the mayor.  We have more than one of those in Knox County.  It's not the President of VU or the CEO of Good Samaritan Hospital.  They are important but their assistants are more important.  It's not the various fire chiefs or doctors or teachers or preachers.  They are also important, but there are a ton of them.  It's not your significant other or even your kids.  They are loved ones, not important ones to the community.

Who IS the most important person in town?  The person that takes the passport applications at the post office.  While everyone in the rest of the world wants to get IN this country, it seems like a whole bunch of people FROM this country want out to get OUT of it.  But there is a huge problem.  Just two people know the system, have been to the training, and can check to see if you correctly filled out the page after page after page of the passport application form.

I'll bet it would be easier to sneak plutonium into this country than get a passport application filled out in town.
For me?  I'm staying put.  Keeping my travel dollars (well pennies) here at home.  I haven't ever been to Cooper's Woods.  Never had a picnic at Emison Mill.  Haven't ever been on a boat in the Wabash River.  Can't remember the last time I was inside the Clark Memorial.  I'll bet I could visit every single attraction in Knox County marked with those red and black "attraction" signs and have tons of time left over when compared to the time it would take to get a passport application filled out.
And the best thing about no passport?  I won't have to go on a cruise - ever!  At least I hope you have to have a passport for that...

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05/01/2013 4:09PM
The Most Important Person in Town
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