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Last Year At This Time...

Last year at this time some folks around these parts were already worrying about a lack or rain for crops already knee high in many fields.  This year?  Those same folks are worrying about so much rain and flooding that they can't even get into their low lying fields.  And the knee high crops - nowhere to be seen.  Most fields haven't even been planted at all yet and the ones that have have worried farmers checking the soil moisture hoping that rot won't set in.

Those tractors may be air conditioned, have the most advanced electronics, and be EPA and OSHA approved.  The super-seeds may be so perfectly developed by the big seed companys (and so expensive they are sold by the number of seeds - not by the bag).  The planning of sales of futures may be down to the minute now. 
But the most important farm issue for our most important industry?  The weather.  Bundle up, take your slicker, and be thankful it isn't last year - at least not yet.

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04/26/2013 6:23AM
Last Year At This Time...
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