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This Can't Be

WZDM news reports this morning that the State Legislature wants to forgive loans the state made to Charter Schools that have failed.  There is a whole bunch of wrong with this - and none of it has anything to do with the Total Wrong of funding private schools with tax dollars.

When did the state get into the business of funding local private schools?  By definition they are private.  By definition the legeslature is public.

And how can anyone justify in forgiving those terrible loans when a private school fails?  When public schools fail the state takes money away from the failing school.  When private schools fail it seems like the state will just forget about what they owe.

Maybe I just heard it wrong.  Maybe I was dreaming and this is totally false.  Maybe I'm too trusting that the our State Legislature is working for all of us.  Maybe I need a lobbyist.

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04/23/2013 5:21AM
This Can't Be
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