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Time to Vote

Early voting on the Vincennes Park's Pool Referendum is available now at the Knox County Court House.  The actual special vote is scheduled for May 7th.  Between now and May 7th voters who live within the Vincennes City Limits will have the right to vote Yes or No on allowing the borrowing of about $3.8 Million dollars to build a new pool and water recreation area in place of Rainbow Beach Pool.

One point that should not be in question is the viablility of the current pool.  It's toast.  It's done.  Any money to repair the leaks and other problems is throwing good money after bad.

One point that must be made is that while the vote is worded to allow the city to bond $3.8 Million dollars, that means borrowing money and that means paying the money back and that means our taxes will go up.  All property tax bills within the city will rise to pay off the bonds.  Businesses and home owners will pay.  Renters will not see the increased taxes directly, but their rent may increase because landlords will have to pay more.

I've never voted early.  It has always been about election DAY.  I make it or I don't.  But this vote will probably be early - and Yes.

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04/11/2013 6:18AM
Time to Vote
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