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Tearing Up the Streets

Have you had it with the guys tearing up the streets to put those yellow plastic natural gas pipes in?  What a mess.  What an inconvenience.  What a pain.

What's the alternative?  The lines we have now are old and probably getting close to dangerous or they would not be on the replacement list.  One of the last things we need is some needless natural gas explosion.  So we're stuck delays, inconvenience, and I'm afraid with torn up streets when those yellow trucks leave town.  Putting square patches down will not make the streets like they were - and they were bad enough before the lines were put in.

We're pretty much stuck with streets torn up for every water, sewer, or gas improvement or repair.  Maybe we should be proactive with any new streets though.  Maybe we should require that each new street have no utilities running under and along the street.  Make them run in the boulevard.  Make every street HAVE a boulevard - even if it has to be wider than we have now on some of our streets.  Then you just go under the street in a shorter perpendicular direction for
huckups.  And with today's technology that should eliminate the cutting and cutting and cutting of city streets for utility work.

Oh.  And while we're at it - require curbs and gutters.  (Editor's note:  We tried to keep him away from that whole curb and gutter rant, but it didn't work.)

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04/10/2013 7:56AM
Tearing Up the Streets
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