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I'm Exhausted

Another public meeting on the trash collection budget problem in Vincennes lead to more questions than answers - at least that's the take from a number of attenders.  Have you ever had a three year old ask for something - over and over again.  They will change the content of pitch, adjust the delivery, but the final wish is always the same - give me what I want.
Sometimes I just can't take it.  I'm tired of the switches.  Tired of the emotions.  Just plain tired of the subject.  And I give in.  "OK have an ice cream sandwich before dinner."  That's where I'm at on the trash thing.  The so-called transparency of these committee meetings are just a bunch of chatting.  Maybe they would work better at a local watering hole, but as public discussion they seem like a waste of time.  Just present an ordinance.  Tell us exactly what you will vote on and THEN have another meeting - you know the official Public Hearing.

We all know what the result is going to be.  Just do it - please so we can move on to curbs, sidewalks, streets, and everything else.

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04/05/2013 6:25AM
I'm Exhausted
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