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What Would Bruceville Do?

Vincennes isn't the only Knox County town with a trash collection problem.  Bruceville has joined Vincennes as a community that's losing money on trash collection.  Vincennes elected officials have been cussing and discussing the issue forever.  Bruceville Town Council members brought it up last night.  Vincennes has another committee meeting on the subject tomorrow afternoon at City Hall.  Bruceville leaders raised the rate on trash collection last night.  Sometimes the pain is less painfull if you just do it and don't think about it.  That's what they did in Bruceville.  The income wasn't covering the expense of trash collection so they raised the cost to residents.  It takes effect now.
There is probably a reason officials will come up with why it takes longer in Vincennes to do the same thing, but it sure has been painful waiting for the inevitable.  We're gonna pay for it so just do it and let the pain begin.  The waiting is more painful.


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04/03/2013 6:16AM
What Would Bruceville Do?
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