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The "L" Word

It's come up again.  The Knox County Park Board discussed the possibility - the dream of a recreation lake for Knox County.  For decades a lake has been cussed and discussed in the county.  Can we afford such a project?  What good will it do for Knox County?  Do we really need that expensive recreation?

That's what will come up again and that's too bad.  Ask the citizens of Sullivan County about their lake.  Ask Martin and Daviess County leaders about the value of West Boggs Lake.  Both groups took the plunge as it were decades ago and now wouldn't do without the lakes.

Let's do it.  Suck it up and just do it.  This is a truly "you build it and they will come" project that the County Park Board will be remembered positively for if they do it.

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03/26/2013 6:15AM
The "L" Word
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