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Out of the Mouths...

The local community is always looking for slick marketing and slogans for describing our way of life.  Positive descriptions of life in rural southern Indiana and Illinois aren't always easy to create.  Most of our local tries have included the word "history" and focused on things that happened hundreds of years ago.

Yesterday we brought our only non-local grand child to Vincennes from his home in Chicago.  He'll spend a few days with his grand parents and a few great days with his cousins-the same days.  Kind of like the city mouse and the country mice in one of those children's books many of us read to our children.

His description of why he loves to come to Vincennes?  "Vincennes is a great place to run around in and a great place to sit on the porch."  That's it.  He's coined a perfect marketing phrase for our community AND it doesn't include a hint of something in the past.  He's all about today and tomorrow and never about yesterday.

That's how you grow.  Work for today and look to the future.  I bet the powers that be could get Caleb to sell them the rights to his phrase.  Probably cost a pretty penny - really - a pretty penny.  And add a Frosty, Mac and Cheese, and French Fries and the deal would be done.  His mother wouldn't be happy about the items he will trade for the slogan - he doesn't get those things very often in Chicago, but she would be proud of his description of our area.  She'd agree.

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03/25/2013 6:21AM
Out of the Mouths...
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