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Gen Y purchases represent an estimated $1.3 trillion dollars of spending ....are
Gen Y purchases represent an estimated $1.3 trillion dollars of spending ....are you getting your share of it?  13-34 year olds spend more time researching products before purchasing.  They do this through mobil, social and web.  They are "brand" conscious and look for 24/7 access to information.  

More than ever it is important to have a 360 degree strategy for marketing.  

"The Reciprocity Principle: How Millennials Are Changing the Face of Marketing," the study is based on 4,000 Millennials in the U.S., the 13-to-34 year-old segment that is expected to account for an estimated $1.3 trillion in direct annual spending"
"Gen Y is more engaged in social media and mobile technology, for example, or that they demand 24/7 access -- the numbers behind them are eye-opening. Some 52% of Millennials use social media to "like" a brand, compared with 33% of Baby Boomers. And twice as many Millennials as Boomers use their phones in stores to check prices, look up product information, or shop for sales."

Are you currently using a 360 degree approach to reach your customers?  Contact The Original Company for strategies that work!

(Source: Marketing Daily, 01/15/14) 

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February is the time to recognize the future leaders in the agricultural industr
Everyone likes to know that you support your local industries and the future.....FFA week is a chance to let the kids know that you beleive in them.  Farming is such a large part of our local economy.  

uary is the time to recognize the future leaders in the agricultural industry during FFA Week
Sponsor gets name and location mentioned recognizing FFA week running
Saturday, February 15th through Friday, February 21st.    
Contact me for more information.
Shanon O'Toole
The Original Company
O - 812-254-4300 (Washington)
O - 812-882-6060 (Vincennes)
          TOC Direct, TOC Online Plus
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What is your competitive advantage?

What is your competitive advantage?  

According to Wikipedia:

“Competitive advantage occurs when an organization acquires or develops an attribute or combination of attributes that allows it to outperform its competitors.”

What is your competitive advantage?  When I meet with a new prospect this is one of the first questions that I ask.  It could be that you serve a very specific market better than anyone else.  Does your staff has special skills that your competitors don't?  Could it be that you have the ability to personalize your sevice better than your competitors?  Is it price point?  Convenience?  In order to have a successful business and especially a successful marketing campaign you should know your competitive advantage.  Whatever your competitive advantage need to share it with potential customers.  

As a marketing consultant I am surprised how frequently my prospects don't know their coompetitive advantage. My suggestion...figure it out or contact me and I will work with you define your compeitive advantage.  Then we can have fun putting together a campaign to highlight your competitive advantage and bring in new business!


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Building your personal brand - Anything you do is everything you do!

When I meet with a customer I always think of their branding...I build it into campaigns and keep it in mind with each "call to action" or idea that I present.  

That also has me thinking about my brand.  What do friends, assiciates, prospects, customers and co-workers think of me?   Perception is each person's reality.  It's's almost like "you are what you  eat" or you "carma bites".  The reality is.....................

Anything you do is everything you do!

My point here is that branding is all about what you do. Even your most insignificant actions (according to your perception) has an influence on how others perceive you.

There’s also a case for negative in this regard, where a few tiny, insignificant actions over an extended period of time reaches tipping point and actually has a significant effect on your personal branding and perception by others.  Remember perception is reality.

While the written word is powerful, it is superseded by your actions. Actions will always speak louder than words.

So know who you are, what kind of brand you’d like to build and how your actions influences others’ perception of this.


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Does Humor Work in Marketing?
Quick answer is YES.  Humor makes you human and memorable.  We all recognize the Geiko commercials on the radio and on television.  They work!  My advice is to be careful, a company like Geiko has an almost unlimited budget.  Their marketing is not the same type of investment as a smaller company.  Most companies need to get the "most bang for your buck."  Humor works but you also need to get your message across to consumers.  My recommendation is to be yourself....don't force it.  Have a well thought out plan.  You can use social media for humorous posts (keep it professional though).  Spend your marketing budget on ads that will fill your lobby or store or will make your phone ring.  
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Growth in Audio Platforms - AM/FM radio is still most effective!
  New Study Reveals Tremendous Growth in Audio Platforms

AM/FM Radio Remains the Most Popular Source

MediaVest and Clear Channel Media + Entertainment have revealed the results of a joint national study that provides deep insights into why, when and how consumers use particular audio platforms.

The study, which surveyed thousands of audio listeners who use one or more of the following audio sources -- personal music collections (CDs, iTunes downloads), broadcast radio, streaming AM/FM radio, custom online playlists, satellite radio, online music videos and digital music channels on TV -- shows that consumers recognize unique and important benefits for each audio platform, and will choose each based on the time of day and situational needs.

In addition, the research shows that because of the use of alternate audio devices, time spent across audio platforms continues to increase and growth in audio is predominantly additive.

Usage of all platforms is generally highest from 3pm to 7pm. "In the Car" is the No. 1 location for audio across all day parts and participants prefer to access audio content through regular broadcast stations or satellite radio. In addition, they are more likely to listen to online AM/FM radio streams or custom playlists from home.

Results also show that mobile devices increase control and portability, with most listeners citing the ability to "take their music with them anywhere" as one of the top reasons they turn to audio on their mobile devices.

The results also offer a detailed look at consumers' motivations in selecting one platform over another. Listeners choose broadcast radio for its accessibility to timely news, radio personalities and hearing new music. Personal music collections or custom stations allow consumers to control the content, while satellite radio offers fewer advertisements.

Consumers can use audio platforms to connect with the world around them, or to create and control a personal experience. The most appealing audio ads are related to listeners' favorite music, delivered at relevant times and customized to the specific audio platform. Audio gives marketers an opportunity to deliver high-impact and emotionally resonant messages.

Broadcast radio listeners are most accepting of advertising and broadcast radio delivers the strongest advertising recall and brand engagement.

"Consumers seamlessly flow between different media choices and indeed different forms of audio. Broadcast remains dominant while other listening platforms address specific needs," said Radha Subramanyam, EVP, Insights Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. "By constantly tuning into audience feedback, we can continue to evolve the listening experience and optimize advertising for different platforms."

"In the audio space, most measurement focuses on a single-audio platform, rather than a complete view of the landscape," said David Shiffman, EVP, Research Director, MediaVest. "Our goal in working with Clear Channel -- with its extensive experience in both live and digital radio --was to generate a real-time and accurate view of the audio space, which we believe is going through an evolution similar to television. Marketers have embraced the concept of multi-screen consumer behavior, but audio media also provides a tremendous opportunity for them to connect with their target audience throughout their day."

The study's key findings include:

-- The car remains the most popular location for audio listening throughout the day.

-- 63 percent of teens listen to more than two audio platforms a day -- the highest of any demographic.

-- Broadcast radio is the most popular audio platform.

-- Listeners choose broadcast radio to stay connected to "the world." Top drivers for radio usage are its accessibility, timely news, traffic, weather, engagement with radio personalities and discovering new music.

-- Personal music collections (CDs, iTunes downloads, etc.) are about control with 81 percent choosing the platform to control or customize their listening experience. Custom playlists are also about control and follow with 67 percent choosing the platform for this reason.

-- 41 percent of consumers are willing to listen to ads in exchange for free online audio. Ads related to the music consumers like and optimized for the time of day are most powerful.

-- Audio media are an important element in people's lives.
  • 81 percent say audio delivers fulfills their need for fun/entertainment;
    • 68 percent say it provides a great way to escape;
      • 55 percent indicated audio as helping to motivate & inspire them;
        • 46 percent claim it offers a way to express myself/an outlet for self-expression.
        (Source:, 01/09/14)
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Borrowed a GREAT article from Be More Productive!

Google Chrome can help you be more productive daily
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Emotional Connections
  • wink
  • Radio delivers a connective and social, positive environment creating emotional connections between listeners, content and personalities.
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Clever use of current events!
Beat everyone to the punch!  This is a very clever use of current events to make a fantastic promotion.
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Happy Monday! Consider a Monday morning promotion
Happy Monday!  Is that odd to read/hear?  Monday's are typically the day most people dread.  Mondays occur every week after a the weekend.  It's the start of another week.  You've got to adjust back to your work schedule. 

A simple change in attitude can make Monday's the very best day for your business.   Happy Monday!  Take the pressure off of Monday by planning your Monday on Friday afternoon.  Monday's present themselves with new opportunities.  I've often heard sales people state that they wait until Monday afternoon before making sales calls....does this make sense to you?  By Monday afternoon I typically know what most of my schedule looks like for the entire week.  If you start planning your Monday mornings by Friday afternoon you could come into work stressfree...if you start making sales calls on Monday morning you could be on your clients calendar early in the week. (This is true in every type of business)   With a little planning you too could have a HAPPY MONDAY!!!

If you want your doors full of prospects or your phones ringing on Monday mornings.  Start a Happy Monday promotion.  Do something special every Monday.  Maybe everyone that enters your store on Monday mornings receives a discount or a prize.  (This morning my email box was filled with messages....the one that caught my eye was a buy one - get one free offer from was only good for Monday.)  My first thought was "Happy Monday to me!"  Consider promotions that could make your phones ring or your businesses be full on Monday morning.  Lot's of business on Monday could lead to a fabulous week! 

Stop dreading Monday mornings and do something amazing with them.  Make every Monday a Happy Monday!! 
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Feeling blue? Get moving!
We have all woke up and said "yuck, I'm not sure how I will make it through this day."  When this happens you have 3 options.  Let it ruin your day, go to the doctor or make the most of it.  If you are not feeling well...look in your closet, find your brightest outfit or tie.  Take a little extra time getting ready...look amazing.  When you look amazing you will naturally feel better.  Get your day going!   Most people naturally feel better once they are up and moving.  Fake an extra "pep in your step."  Start your work day with tasks that make you feel accomplished.  If you are still feeling bad by all means go to the doctor.  Long term illnesses can take you out of your game and negatively effect your company.  Your customers and fellow employees depend on you!  Frequently...faking it until you feel better makes your feel better.   
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Words well chosen, especially when spoken, have a unique power to compel to acti

I am borrowing this from David Ogilvy. (because it makes perfect sense)

If you want ACTION, don’t write.  Go and tell the guy what you want.

Tell the guy.

SPEECH, not writing, is still man’s primary form of communication.  Print, in all its forms, whether “texting” or “posting” or newspaper advertising or whatever, is still just an approximation, an imitation, of human speech.

Words well chosen, especially when spoken, have a unique power to compel to action.

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Public Events - Your prospects/customers come to you!
Today we have our annual Farm Profit Preview.  It is a FABULOUS event. 

Why should you consider events like  this? 

1) How often do you have hundreds of new potential customers come to your location?

2) Events draw prospects that are interested in your type  of service or product - They come to you!
3) Events are mass are included.
4) You have an opportunity to speak directly potential customers on an individual basis.(An active audience)
5) Your marketing is not intrusive to prospects....THEY CAME TO YOU!
6) You leave with a large list of  potential customers....your sales people will love the "warm leads"
7) Events are work; however, they are FUN! 
8) You make sales to NEW customers.
10) Your cost per quality lead is much less than other traditional marketing....Events  are attended by people that are interested in your type of business!

TIPS for you and your booth or space:

1)  Present your space nice and neat.
2)  Interact with the people that attend.
3)  Have something for everyone to take away (even if it is a card with a peice of candy attached.)
4) Stand up...if possible in front of your space so you can really engage with prospects.
5) Bring something that people can "win" - If prospects register - you have their name and number.
6) Network with the other vendors.
7) Send your most outgoing and presentable employees
8) Shake lots of hands!
9) Remember to "work the audience" and be memorable!
10) Have fun!  The best results come from the booths that have the most fun!
11) Have a super offer that creates urgency!  Possibly a "show deal".
12) Get there early and stay late....prospects want to know that you work hard for their business!

I beleive that events are a fabulous way to gain new business! 

Our next event is the Wabash Valley Bridal Show Case.  It is Janaury 19th in Vincennes.  It will draw people from 100 miles plus.  Typically we have 250 brides and many more attendees.  For more information contact me at 812-890-4695   :) Shanon

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Live Remote
Today one of my customers is having a live remote.  Live remotes are a great way to have potential customers come to you!  Radio personalities ussually have a large following.  Our listeners are loyal, they love to mingle with radio personalities.  In order to have a successful live remote you should:
1) Have a GREAT OFFER.  
2) Choose the stations that best represent the demographics that you are attempting to reach.  
3) Pick a time that makes sense for your customers
4) Include prizes or refreshments
5) Plan ahead and market your remote

The most successful live remotes begin with planning.  Planning why you are having the radio station at your location.  Are you trying to drive traffic?  Do you have a big offer?  What can you do that is different than other days?  

If you offer is great....the right station will drive traffic to your location.

The biggest mistake that I have seen for a customer not to have a special offer that gives incentive to potential customers.  

TRY A LIVE REMOTE FOR YOUR BUSINESS!  They are fun and worth the investment.
812-882-6060 Ask for Shanon

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Why Radio

Shanon O' Toole's for Success will contain marketing tips and strategies for you to think about for your company.  Sometimes they might be as basic as remembering to smile.  Other times very specific details or examples of things that either my customers, my company or I have found to work well.  In each case I sincerely hope you take the time to think about my posts and how they might benefit your company.

Each morning I try to learn something about my industry, my customer's industries or my competition.  It's a great way to start my day!  Typically it takes 5-10 minutes...there is always more to learn.  I suggest everyone take 5 minutes to do the same!!

This morning I found an article that I think is worth sharing.  Although I beleive that using a combined 360 approach and well thought out marketing strategy is best.  I understand and beleive that radio is best suited to reach very specific demographics. 

Radio Well-Positioned to Reach Newly Confident Mass Market

We tend to hear a lot about the early-adoption habits of affluent Americans in terms of digital media, but radio as an effective vehicle for reaching this audience has been largely overlooked. Studies show that the majority of those in the car still listen to AM-FM radio, where they can find traffic and weather, local news and events.

It may come as a surprise to some, but affluent consumers are the sweet spot of radio advertising. Each week, radio reaches some 94% of adults in the $75K+ household bracket, which, let's not forget, is over twice the average national income. We call these people "mass affluents." They are typically people commuting to white-collar jobs, shopping, or driving their children to practices or school events.

Radio gets these users' attention like no other medium. Daily tune-in times for radio average 2 hours and 27 minutes. And the likelihood that this audience is listening intensely is high, particularly among commuters. People driving to work are typically driving alone, many of them are in traffic, and most look to radio to engage and accompany them along the way. Unlike people watching a second screen during a TV show or checking social media on mobile, commuters are paying close attention to what they are hearing.

Recent evidence shows that radio is a medium that dominates mindshare just before purchases are made, even in this digital era. According to an annual study carried out by Arbitron and Edison Research, in 2013, 49% of those polled who went into a store to shop had been listening to AM/FM radio in the half hour just ahead of that visit. Compare that to only 6% who had been using a cell phone to research information or 6% who had been researching on the Internet via desktop. Only 3% had been viewing a magazine.

A number of advertisers are already cognizant of the potential of radio. In particular, financial institutions such as PNC Financial Group, Wells Fargo and H&R Block all actively used radio to reach their target audiences in 2013. Additionally, American Express has long been savvy about the use of radio in promoting itself as a champion of small business. For example, it recently ran spots on radio and TV that focused on how high-tech company Weigl Works -- whose interactive control technologies are used for themed entertainment, exhibits and attractions -- uses American Express ReceiptMatch and Business Gold Rewards to manage its business.

Even with the media landscape changing daily, radio continues to offer advertisers a captive audience of mass affluents ready to hear their message.

(Source: Jeff Haley, President and Chief Executive Officer, Marketron; an article that appeared in Engage: Affluent, 01/02/14))



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