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Ravings of a Mass Media Madman

Ravings of a Mass Media Madman
Posts from January 2014

A Little Civility Goes a Long Way
The opinions expressed in this blog entry are not necessarily representative of the views and opinions of The Original Company ownership, management or staff.
“You need to get your head out of your ass…”

This comment was made City Police Officer and Bicknell City Councilman Terry Stremming to Mayor Jon Flickenger during a heated exchange at the Bicknell Board of Works meeting a couple days ago.
Apparently the Mayor and a few city police officers are at odds over a recent hire. Something about hiring an older person to work in one department when the police department is understaffed and had a candidate picked out who was really well qualified. The details are a little fuzzy because the issue wasn’t actually addressed; there was just a lot of screaming and finger pointing.

This is not new. Tensions between Stremming and the mayor have boiled over so many times about so many things over the last two years it would be impossible to count. If the city wasn’t in such a financial crunch, it would almost be worth it to hire a full time referee.
Nothing ever comes of these arguments. It’s just a lot of finger pointing. The truth is that Bicknell’s city government is a mess and there’s plenty of blame to go around for all administrations current and former.
And this is how it goes. There’s no common courtesy extended to anyone, no benefit of the doubt, no accountability and seemingly no desire to fix it. The loudest council members seem to be content to sit back and tell the Mayor he doesn’t do his job while not doing their jobs.

Every meeting seems to always be on the brink of being out of control. Meetings go on for seemingly an eternity because city employees and residents alike seem to enjoy airing dirty laundry out. One city council member left before the council meeting this past Monday because the Board of Works meeting went 40 minutes past the start time of the City Council meeting.

The BOW meeting was also the first for new members Max Nickless and Steve Volling. Welcome aboard gentlemen.

The saving grace of the Bicknell City Government is Clerk-Treasurer Becky McGlone and Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Karen Fox. If it weren’t for those two Bicknell would probably up the proverbial river of excrement without a paddle.

The rest of the elected officials need to get on the same page. Have an executive session and work some of this stuff out. Put aside your personal differences and remember that everything you do (or don’t do) has a direct effect on the people who elected you. Stop the bickering and finger pointing. Remember that if you don’t like something, you have the platform to try and change it. It’s not rocket science.

And if you can’t get the votes to change something, you can’t. There’s no use crying over spilled milk. Try again at some point or let it go. This is government. Democrats in Chicago have to live with the fact there’s now a concealed carry law in Illinois. Republicans in the federal government have to live with the fact Obamacare is the law of the land. You can’t always get what you want.
Just make sure your constituents have what they need.

Jason Tiller is a news reporter for The Original Company.  He can be reached for comment at

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A 45-Year-Old Pledge That Still Rings True

The opinions expressed in this blog entry do not necessarily reflect the views of The Original Company Ownership, Management or Staff.

Ladies and gentlemen, my comments will be brief today. This is a special edition of Ravings. It's the 45-year anniversary of Red Skelton's rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Most know that Red was a native of Vincennes and he went on to be an American icon; that much is on display at the Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy here in town.

Many also Know he was an American Patriot in every sense of the word. He loved his country and the freedoms we enjoy which others have fought and died for on battle fields overseas.

This morning, I'm inspired by Red's words. Here's to the hope our pledge and the freedom it represents never become monotonous. Here's to the hope the meaning is never forgotton.

Without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Red Skelton...


Jason Tiller is a news reporter for The Original Company. He sends his sincere appreciation to all of our men and women overseas fighting for his freedom to write a blog such as this. Come home safe, heroes.

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Dude, She's 14... STAHP
The opinions expressed in this blog entry do not necessarily represent that of The Original Company ownership, management or staff.
What’s becoming of the world?

There’ve been a lot of stories in the news recently of teachers trying to seduce their students and truthfully, it’s sickening. It’s not just in the national media. There are at least three incidents that have cropped up in the last few months within area: The Oblong Band Director, the Coach at Robinson High School and now a teacher at Wood Memorial is on the hot seat for child seduction.
Some would say “Innocent until proven guilty” in this situation, but there wouldn’t be any suspicion if a teacher didn’t put themselves in that position. It’s gross, it’s abusive, it’s sad and worst of all it’s telling. All three of those localish situations involve male teachers and young girls. We live in a society that tells girls they have to be “sexy” for (insert whatever reason you want here.) Our culture is stealing youth from young girls and as a result, those amongst us with the least self-control are taking advantage.

On the flip side, I often wonder how many times a female teacher seduces a male student and it goes un-reported. I mean, how many guys out there didn’t have the token “Hot Teacher?” In the media it’s almost treated as a rite of passage for boys.

It’s all gross. It’s all wrong. If you’re a teacher, you’ve got a responsibility to distance yourself from any situation like that. It’s not uncommon for teachers to take a liking to students. They’re with them every day and many get to know them well. It’s not unreasonable to think that younger teachers who can relate well develop a strong friendship with their students. But that doesn’t mean it’s ok to have a sexual relationship with them.

What light bulb goes off in someone’s mind for them to think it is? It’s happening far too often and getting far too close to home for my liking.

There really isn’t a point to this blog entry other than to tell teachers to keep it in their pants (And thank you to those who do) and maybe to tell parents to teach their daughters they don’t have to be a sex object to get attention while teaching their sons how to respect women and not look at them as a playground.  I wish someone had taught that to these teachers.
Jason Tiller is a news reporter for The Original Company. He’s a cowboy. On a steel horse he rides. He’s wanted: dead or alive.

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