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Posts from December 2011

New Concussion Policy is a Good Thing
It was good to hear a little bit about the new concussion policy in place for athletes in Robinson. The school board heard from athletic trainer Scott Rawlings about how the new concussion guidelines are working. He explained the new computerized testing in place. He says it is the same testing used by the military and in the NFL.

Concussions have been a hot button injury issue in sports, especially now that we're seeing some of the long term consequences of them. It's good to see that we're getting away from the days where getting your bell rung is something that you just walk off.

Now before the athletes can return to play is after they are symptom free and they can pass the multi-stage test. This helps make sure that they are actually ready to come back. Gone are the days where a concussion means just taking a few days off and then playing again. Just like any injury, different people heal from concussions in different ways. This might mean a longer absence for some players, and that's a good thing.
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Simple, Smart Decisions
Sometimes the best decisions are the simplest ones.

The Robinson City Council made a great move changing the stop light at the intersection of Main Street and Allen Street. Drivers will see the impact in a few weeks when the new stop lights are installed. They'll include a left turn signal for drivers trying to turn from Main to Allen.

If you've ever tried to make that turn, you know how frustrating and potentially dangerous that can be. At some of the busiest times of day, it can be hard for one car to turn left there let alone multiple cars. Often, you'll see a driver turning on red because they're too far into the intersection to do anything else. You'll also see drivers take chances and turn in front of someone else.

The new signal should put an end to a lot of that and a lot of frustration. This is also one of the simplest changes to ease traffic on Main Street. We all know some of the trouble spots and this is one of the few that can be taken care of with a simple fix.

The Hutsonville Village Board also made a simple and smart decision last night. The village was approached by the National Weather Service about monitoring the river stage in Hutsonville. That's currently taken care of at Ameren's power plant, but since that's going to close at the end of the year, someone needed to take over. The village is a logical choice to provide that valuable service. The village has also assured us that they will provide us with the weather data on the river so people in this area know what's happening.
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Heroes and Goats
A couple of things that happened yesterday got me thinking about both heroes and goats.

First, there was Albert Pujols signing with the Angels. There's a lot of blame to be spread around on this. Sure, it is easy to question the loyalty of Pujols, but really, if someone is dangling an extra $30,000,000 out there, few among us would turn that down.

There's a lot of blame to be placed on the Cardinals. It wasn't as if the end of Pujols' contract came as a surprise. They should have been working a couple of years ago to keep Pujols in St. Louis. He's the face of the franchise and a once in a generation type player. The question now is what direction the Cardinals go from here. They still have a good team and a good rotation and now they should have more money to make a big move or several smaller moves.

It is always an honor to shake the hand of a true American hero and I got that chance last night when the Crawford County Board honored Medal of Honor recipient Sammy Davis. He told the crowd the story about how he won his Medal of Honor. While in Vietnam, the group of 42 artillerymen came under attack by 1500 enemies. Only 12 of his men were left standing. Davis was wounded, but still managed to put three men on his broken back and cross the river. He was credited with saving at least four men that day. The story of Forest Gump receiving a Medal of Honor was based on Davis' story and the footage in the movie was the actual footage of when Davis was honored. Tom Hanks' face was superimposed on Davis for the movie. The county did the right thing by honoring Davis.

The county continues to do the wrong thing with animal control. When they started the process months ago of changing the contract to only unincorporated Crawford County, they didn't bother to tell the municipalities this was the intention. Instead, they chose to let them find out through the media. It took a couple of meetings before they decided that it might be a good idea to at least send letters talking about their intentions.

The municipalities believe that the county is wrong in how it is approaching animal control. They've been trying to meet with the county's committee that controls animal control, but that hasn't happened yet. A couple of county board members did attend the November 22 Robinson City Council meeting, but that's as far as things have gone at this point.

The county board can be very slow movers. This is a board that spend close to 20 minutes trying to figure out how to handle Christmas Eve and Christmas Day holidays. If there are going to be changes in animal control, it could take a long time. For whatever reason, this has always been a touchy issue with the county. It would be nice to see them reach out an olive branch and do the right thing and hear what the municipalities have to say in a timely manner.
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